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Studio Recordings

World of Fear EP by Alex Asher

Track by Ed Raison and Cello Ivan McCready
This work is based on the interviews of Christina Schmid.

Christina’s husband was Staff Sergeant Olav Schmid who was killed whilst trying to defuse an IED in Afghanistan two days before he was due to come home.

Scored for Mezzo Sop (Christina) their son Laird (boy treble) and solo cello (Olav himself) plus a male chorus and orchestra.

This piece lasts 35-40 minutes and Grange Park Opera have said they are keen to perform it in 2023 or 2024.

Written by James McConnel and recorded at Greshams School in Norfolk.

Alex Asher – In Another Life

Strings by Ivan McCready and Fran Mattishent, arrangement by Mike West.